7 days of painting the Sunrise


10th September 2014, Dharamshala

We connect.
We connect through the same sun.
I rise before the sun.
Watching the sun rise.
Won’t you wake up?
Watch the same sun rising,
from your rooftop?


11th Sep 2014, Dharamshala

How foolish!
To call it rising & setting
Of the Sun!

Not limited by this horizon,
the meeting of the Sky and Earth
I see both the sun and the moon
And the beyond!!


12th Sep, 2014, Dharamshala

There are no limits,
In this open sky

Can you feel,
this risen Sun?

Living Life
Always home
In the Sky


13th Sep 2014

You talk,
about my beauty
I show you my intensity

At dawn,
cutting through the morning cloudiness.
The Sun!!
Shining through!!
Shining through.





Dedicated to all the mothers

Who become child bearing

Beacons of love


Dedicated to all the nuns

Who are emancipating

Running into the arms of Death


To the balance

And the interconnectedness


And the Love

And Meditation

And then finally again Love


I am connected

It is a network

Of Bright shining Stars

A Web

Crisscrossing across the skies

I am just one of the connections in this beautiful web of Shining stars.


Are we evolving as beings of this planet?


I’m one of them.

We have many different ways. This is the new Earth.

They guide me now, as I write.

The black dots and the Bright lights.

We work through trust.

Trust is the new method.


The bright lights guide and protect.

We work together because we are all One.





Even the Sky makes new sounds

This rumbling thundering

Circling above

There is no thunder before or after the lightening now

Just this vortex

The whistling of the winds

I went outside to see

There was a child crying in another building

2 dogs in the park

One is not getting up

The other is just standing close to the first

Looking around not knowing

Can they not hear the thunder?

They can’t!

The Birds can

They fly around randomly

Different from usual

Giving signs

The children are unusual now

Watch them with technology

They know the new language

These are unusual signs

I’m not afraid

It starts to rain

2 sisters part ways

One comes towards where I stand looking at the scene

She looks up and smiles at me

I smile back



Responsibility & Design

Taking Responsibility?

The Ability to Respond

In the moment


And Who Designs?

Not my design!


What is Love?

What is jealousy?

What is Friendship?

What is being at a balance

The Middle Path?

What is being Alive?

What answers can I give

In the relevant moment

The relevant answer appears

Other than that

There is no answer

Because there is no question

Just this moment

Vipassana Full, Mind Empty










Drizzly beautiful Dharamkot morning.
Big window in the little room.
First morning after Vipassana.
The center bell rings in the distance..wakes me.
Green trees dance with the breeze.
Fresh green after a night of rain.
Mountains about.
I watch as the clouds roll in.
10 mins and the clear sky is filled with clouds.
They roll in from the ground.
Like smoke rising after a fire is put out.
Like a movie recorded over a couple of hours..just 10 mins. Rolling, curving between the old trees.

How will I ever leave, when there is so much to do –
Meditate, Meditate and watch the world from my window.

Tea & bread at the stall outside the center gates.
Walk in the forested path to the next village.
Tears come rolling down.
Why am I crying?
Old pine trees surround.
Snow peaks just behind.
Stroll along the rocks on the curving path.
The sun touches the snow so bright.
First rays of the sun to reach.
First few rays which cut through the clouds.
The tears do not stop.
Who am I? Who am I?
The trees answer.
But I can’t grasp.
The birds answer.
The breeze, the distant plains, the far away lake.