To sit like
the mountain
To move like
the wind
To burn like
the fire
To flow like
the river
To shine like
the sun and stars
To reflect like
the moon
To be fragrant like
the flower

Space infinite contained-uncontained
In this body-mind-heart-spirit



I am connected

It is a network

Of Bright shining Stars

A Web

Crisscrossing across the skies

I am just one of the connections in this beautiful web of Shining stars.


Are we evolving as beings of this planet?


I’m one of them.

We have many different ways. This is the new Earth.

They guide me now, as I write.

The black dots and the Bright lights.

We work through trust.

Trust is the new method.


The bright lights guide and protect.

We work together because we are all One.





Even the Sky makes new sounds

This rumbling thundering

Circling above

There is no thunder before or after the lightening now

Just this vortex

The whistling of the winds

I went outside to see

There was a child crying in another building

2 dogs in the park

One is not getting up

The other is just standing close to the first

Looking around not knowing

Can they not hear the thunder?

They can’t!

The Birds can

They fly around randomly

Different from usual

Giving signs

The children are unusual now

Watch them with technology

They know the new language

These are unusual signs

I’m not afraid

It starts to rain

2 sisters part ways

One comes towards where I stand looking at the scene

She looks up and smiles at me

I smile back



Responsibility & Design

Taking Responsibility?

The Ability to Respond

In the moment


And Who Designs?

Not my design!


What is Love?

What is jealousy?

What is Friendship?

What is being at a balance

The Middle Path?

What is being Alive?

What answers can I give

In the relevant moment

The relevant answer appears

Other than that

There is no answer

Because there is no question

Just this moment

Moon in the Water

You point at the moon

And I point at the reflection of the moon in the still waters of the Earth

I was born for the Sky to descend to the Earth

C o u r a g e

F  e  a  r

T    r    u    s    t






“She was looking at the moon — it was beautiful. Even reflections are beautiful, because they reflect the absolute beauty. The world is also beautiful because it is a reflection of God…A man’s face is beautiful, the body is beautiful, because they reflect. The trees are beautiful, the birds are beautiful, because they reflect. The reflection is so beautiful — what to say about the original?”

– Osho
  No Moon, No Water (Chapter #1)