The Collective Consciousness

20170716_105441.jpgRead an inspirational news article about scientists discovering ‘dark matter’ through Gravitational Lensing.

This is what I understood from my experience on this spiritual journey from a few years ago.

In Emptiness

There may be
Phases of

Positive Qualities

Can curve

Light Rays
With the
Curve in the Lense


You may have
Access to
The wisdom
The Collective Consciousness

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Mothering & Fathering

Hoping for a man, mature enough to have a child with me and parenting the child. Conscious childbearing is this phase of my life.

tabllamp in progress

Coiled Hand-built Stoneware Table-lamp in progress

I’ve been living in Delhi the last couple of months. Back at my parents house. My home.

Last year during my visit here, I called myself “a guest in my parents house”
All of us are guests on this planet anyway.

I’ve experienced mothering myself. And I’ve also fathered myself. Mothered and fathered myself in the spiritual sense (the feminine and male aspects) and  in the sense of living/working/taking care of myself. This was part of my long working career and also my long spiritual journey.

Lately I’ve mothered and fathered my parents as well. They are elder people and tend to get sick on occasion. And like I mentioned before, I’m back living in Delhi.

I realize in this line of thinking, perhaps an interpretation of having relationships (male – female relationships) is this – a lot of us are completing that need to be mothered or fathered by each other. And on occasion we ask each other, “you still want more from me?” (Sarcastically)

And on occasion I’ve also experienced just turning into children and playing!

It’s an endless infinite journey.
Mothering and Fathering. And part of it is accepting coming to a place in life when one chooses to have a child. Not from need but from conscious choice.

Traditions & Technology : An Ode to the Matka

The Matka 
(Traditional Indian vessel for storing water)
coiled, handbuilt
Electric Fired, Stoneware


The dying ancient
No longer kept secret.

In this new world
All dimensions and planes
Of existence

This Earth
This Clay
Being Human.

We are Artists

Parallel Realities

Parallel Realities1 Parallel Realities2

Do you think
You have become royalty?

Being decisive
about the ever-changing,
Nature of life?

We create
Parallel Realities
Through the state of our mind
This is the Truth


There are so many parallel realities.
Which one do you associate with most.
That’s what defines your sense of reality.

And it’s amazing how this choice of what Truth is for us in this moment is constantly changing our own history and future.

Coming a full circle: Design of Life


Back to where I began.
Coming back to this beginning
The beginning of this circle
Repeating it joyously
As I live
This life
This circle
Is life.

The Design of life is not so simple that we can understand it by our sweet minds and hearts.
Everything is intermixed.
Creation is far more complicated.
It’s not something we can simply analyze with psychology or logic.
But yes, we might gain some perspective through the esoteric dimensions.
Because there are far more parallel universes and dimensions which exist than our eyes can see.
And there are far more than even our third eye can see.
There is always beyond!
So there is no one answer or solution to the Design of Life.
It’s not a riddle to be solved or a question to be answered.
Just lived.
Just created as we live it.
And continue to be created when we die.
Choice is freedom in this very moment.
To be able to choose to live.
Backed by Will.
And then Desire.
And there is the complete Circle of Life.